Who we are

Our History

Since 1995

We are a family business dedicated to the production and marketing of garments and accessories in alpaca fiber and its varieties. We have more than 25 years working in crafts with a lot of dedication and love that we put into the making of each garment. We provide comfort, style, and quality in our garments. We are a Cusco family that works to provide the best to the client.

Alpaca Wool offers its clients a modern style with designs derived from nature’s most exclusive fiber with the commitment to preserve it.

red and white floral textile
white LLama near tree
The founding artisans producers Alejandro Chambi Quispe and Juana Calle Montalvo married couple who began more than 25 years ago to make garments and accessories in alpaca fiber which continues to work as a family business.
Alejandro Chambi & Juana Calle